Roadmaster Universal Brake Light Switch • 751000

Product Details

  • Roadmaster Universal Brake Light Switch
  • For Use with Supplemental Braking Systems that Move the Towed Vehicle's Brake Pedal
  • Just 4 Wires: (1) Wire to the Brake Transmitter, (1) to the Break Away Switch, (1) to Ground, (1) to Power
  • Can Provide a Brake Signal to Any Motorhome Monitor
  • Mounts to the Brake Pedal Arm Under the Dash
  • Brake light switches are necessary only if you're installing a supplemental braking system monitor, and the vehicle's OEM brake light switch doesn't work when the vehicle is in tow mode. 
  • This universal switch is only activated when the brake pedal is depressed. 
  • If you know when the towed vehicle's brake pedal is depressed and released, you know if the supplemental braking system is positioned properly and working as it should. 
  • This switch sends a beam of infrared light to detect brake pedal movement. When the pedal moves down, it sends a signal to the monitor that brakes have been applied.

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