Progressive Industries Hardwired RV Surge & Electrical Protector • EMS-LCHW50

Product Details

  • Smart Technology Compatible: Not Compatible With Smart Technology

  • Voltage Regulation: 240 Volt

  • Ampere Rating: 50 Amp

  • Automatically Reconnects: Yes

  • Number Of Outlet: 1 Socket

  • With Fault Indicator: Yes

  • Whenever AC Power Falls Below 104 Volt, Or Rises Above 132 Volt, The EMS Automatically Shuts Down Power To The RV

  • If The AC Power Is Interrupted, Or The EMS Detects A Fault Condition, The Built-In Time Delay Is Activated

  • 5-Mode Surge Protection: This Feature Provides Full Surge Protection

  • Features Surge Indicator, Reverse Polarity Protection, Open Neutral Protection, Open Ground Protection, AC Frequency Protection, Accidental 240 Volt Protection

  • Enclosed Blue Jumper Wire Allows The User To Bypass The Computer Circuit In The EMS In The Event Of Computer Failure, Thus Allowing AC Power Into The RV

  • Replacement Parts Are Designed For Simple Plug And Play, Making Repairs Extremely User Friendly

  • Microprocessor Controlled: The Computer Is Driven By A State-Of-The-Art Microprocessor That Is Programmed With Software To Drive The Entire EMS

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