PowerMax 45 Amp Main Board Assembly 3 Stage Converter • PM3-45-MBALK

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Exact replacement for any WFCO 8900 series main board converter. Built-in 3 Stage Charging and single output modes. Output voltage adjustable from 13.0 Vdc to 16.5 Vdc. Reliable, Safe and Clean AC/DC power. Reverse Polarity, Overload and Thermal Protection. Unit hard wires into an RV AC and DC Power Distribution Center. The built-in Smart charger automatically requlates output between the different charge rates of Bulk (14.7V) Absorption (13.8V) and Float (13.2V) and with Reverse Polarity, Overload and Thermal Protection the PowerMax PM4 Series provides a high output, reliable, safe and clean DC Power. Ideal for use with RV's when replacing any WFCO 8900 Series or any Lower Section Trays, MBA's to provide 12Vdc Power with high amperage outputs for charging battery or run 12Vdc Equipment in the RV, Trailer, 5th Wheel.

  • 45 Amp Multi Stage Smart Charger
  • Overtemp, Overload & Reverse polarity protection
  • Quiet temperature controlled cooling fan
  • 2 year warranty
  • UL- CUL approved

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