NSA RV Products Readystop Towed Vehicle Break Away • RS-5000

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The Readystop Towed Vehicle Break Away by NSA RV Products will set and hold the brakes on your towed vehicle in the event it should ever become separated from your coach while in motion. The Readystop is easy to install, non-invasive, and meets all United State and Canadian requirements.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Non-Invasive.
  • Connects to the towed vehicle brake pedal.
  • The oval sheer link in the cable assembly will snap after 300 pounds of pulling so the towed vehicle can come to a stop on its own.
  • Release button allows for the quick and easy resetting of the break away.
  • A supplemental brake and break away device is required by law in many States and Provinces when towing a vehicle 4 wheels down.
  • The ReadyStop can be used with a Ready Brake or on it's own.
  • Comes complete with all mounting hardware and install instructions.
  • Made in USA.
The Readystop is a mechanically activated device which allows cable to pull through it in one direction only. The cable is then held in this position until the Readystop can be reset. Installed toward the front of the towed vehicle, the pre-crimped thimble loop, extending from the motor home facing side of the Readystop, is wire tied to location near the front bumper. The remaining aircraft cable, extending from the Readystop in the direction of the towed vehicles brake pedal, is routed through the firewall and attached to the towed vehicles brake pedal. The second harness runs from the pre-crimped thimble loop located on the towed vehicle. This harness is attached to the tow bar with (4) wire ties, and then attaches to the motor homes frame. In the event the towed vehicle should break away from the motor home these cables are pulled through the Readystop, applying the towed vehicle brake pedal. A sheer link manufactured into the cable harnesses is used to ensure that the brake pedal is applied at 300 lbs. A sleeve release manufactured into the Readystop allows for the quick and easy resetting of the break away.
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