Norcold Spark Sense Igniter Electrode • 61692222

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Norcold Igniter Electrode

Use With Norcold Refrigerator Models:

1200LR/ 1200LRBK/ 1200LRIM/ 1200LRIMBK/ 1200LRIMBKD/ 1200LRIMD/ 1200LRIMSS/ 1200LRIMSSD/ 1200LRIMWH/ 1200LRSS/ 1200LRWH/ 1201LRIM/ 1201LRIMSS/ 1201LRIMSSD/ 1201LRIMWPM/ 1210/ 1210BK/ 1210IM/ 1210IMBK/ 1210IMBKD/ 1210IMD/ 1210IMPFS/ 1210IMSS/ 1210IMSSD/ 1210SS/ 1211IM/ 1211IMSS/ 1211IMWPM/ 1211WPM/ 442/ 443/ 6052/ 6053/ N1095/ N1095BK/ N1095IM/ N1095IMBK/ N1095IMSS/ N1095SS/ N1095WH/ N1095V/ N1095BKV/ N1095IMV/ N410/ N410.3/ N412/ N412.3/ N500/ N500.3/ N510/ N510.3/ N512/ N512.3/ N610/ N611/ N611F/ N621/ N621F/ N623/ N624/ N640.3/ N640.3F/ N641/ N641.3/ N641.3F/ N641BK/ N641F/ N641IM/ N641IMF/ N641SS/ N641SSF/ N641WH/ N641IMBK/ N641.3WH/ N641IMSSF/ N810/ N811/ N811F/ N814F2/ N811V/ N821/ N821F/ N821V/ N822/ N822F/ N824/ N823/ N841/ N841.3/ N841.3BK/ N841.3F/ N841.3SS/ N841.3WH/ N841BK/ N841BKV/ N841F/ N841IM/ N841IMBK/ N841IMF/ N841IMSS/ N841IMSSF/ N841IMV/ N841IMWH/ N841SS/ N841SSF/ N842/ N842F/ N842IM/ N842IMF/ N842IMSS/ N842IMSSF/ N842SS/ N842SSF/ N843IM/ N843IMF/ N843IMSS/ N843IMSSF; 

  • With Mounting Screw/ Gasket/ 2 Probes

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