Norcold Heating Element For 1200 Series Refrigerators; 225 W 110 V • 618872

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  • Norcold Heating Element 225W/110V 

  • Fits these models:  1200AC, 1200ACIM, 1200ACIMBK, 1200ACIMBKD, 1200ACIMD, 1200ACIMSSD, 1200LR, 1200LRBK, 1200LRIM, 1200LRIMBK, 1200LRIMBKD, 1200LRIMD, 1200LRIMSS, 1200LRIMWH, 1200LRSS, 1200LRWH, 1201LRIM, 1201LRIMSS, 1201LRIMSSD, 1201LRIMWPM, 1200ACIMSS, 1200LRIMSSD.

  • For cooling units with serial # below 11231146

  • If your cooling unit serial number is above 11231146, you need heating element part # 630807. 

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