Lippert 36 Series Step Assembly with Logic Control Unit and Power Switch Kit • 3756271

Product Details

  • Steps automatically retract and extend
  • Hidden light improves visibility at night
  • 8.5" step rise and tread depth
  • Anti-slip surface on each step
  • Automatically retracts when obstacle detected
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • 12V DC motor with sealed connections
  • Multiple sizes and configurations available

  • Series: Classic Power Steps
  • Step Rise: 5"
  • Step Run: 10.75"
  • Step Count: Single
  • Step Switch Type: Large Rectangular Door, Large Round Door, Plunger, Small Rectangular Door, Small Round Door
  • Step Features: IMGL (Integrated Motor-Gearbox-Linkage), LED Light, Logic Control Unit, Reflective Tread Tape, Scissor/Linked Arm, Standard Tread Tape, Weatherproof Linkage
  • Step Model: 36 Series
  • Tread Tape Features: Self-Adhesive Backing
  • Gear Linkage Type: IMGL A
  • Tread Size: 30"
  • Step Operation Type: Triggered Switch
  • Step Assembly Option: Assembly with Logic Control Unit and Power Switch Kit
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Warranty Term: 1 Year

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