Dometic Atwood Furnace Sail Switch With Bracket Upgrade Kit • 33082

Product Details

  • For select Atwood AFM and AFL Series Furnaces 

  • Safety component that will not let ignition occur until it sees 75% of the motor’s rpm’s

  • Insures that the combustion wheel is rotating fast enough so that there is a proper air and gas mixture for smooth ignition.

Compatible with:  

  • Dometic Atwood Furnace AFM Series with Serial Numbers AFTER 72489156: AFMD25111, AFMD25121, AFMD25131, AFMD25141, AFMD25151, AFMD30111, AFMD30121, AFMD30131, AFMD30141, AFMD30151, AFMD35111, AFMD35121, AFMD35131, AFMD35141, AFMD35151

  •  Dometic Atwood Furnace AFLD Series with Serial Numbers AFTER 72991127: AFLD35111, AFLD35121, AFLD35131, AFLD40111, AFLD40121, AFLD40131

  •  Dometic Atwood Furnace AFLA Series with Serial Numbers AFTER 81689155: AFLA35211, AFLA35221, AFLA35231, AFLA40211, AFLA40221, AFLA40231

  •  Dometic Atwood Furnace DFMD Series with Serial Numbers AFTER 72489156: DFMD25111, DFMD25121, DFMD25131, DFMD25141, DFMD25151, DFMD30111, DFMD30121, DFMD30131, DFMD30141, DFMD30151, DFMD35111, DFMD35121, DFMD35131, DFMD35141, DFMD35151


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