Dicor DiFlex II TPO Bright White Roof Membrane (8.5'W x 21'L) • DFII85D-21

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DiFlex II TPO Bright White Roof Membrane (8.5'W x 21'L) (DFII85D-21) by Dicor. Diflex II is a non-fleece backed TPO membrane from Dicor the RV Roofing Experts. Unlike standard TPO, Diflex II is extremely flexible and is as supple as most EPDM. It easily conforms to most RV roofing surfaces for a snug, tight fit. Diflex II is embossed with a light pebble pattern to dull harsh reflections and provide a classic look.
  • Color: Bright White
  • Size: (8.5'W x 21'L)
  • Roof Type: TPO
  • Contains no plasticizers to migrate
  • Remains flexible throughout its lifetime
  • UV resistant throughout its lifetime
  • Remains flexible to resist hail damage throughout its lifetime
  • Even flexible in cold weather and less prone to cracking
  • Easily repairable throughout its lifetime
  • Not effected by ponding water
  • Not effected by environmental contaminants
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