Blue Ox Patriot Seat Stiffener • BRK2503

Product Details
  • CompatibilityBlue Ox Patriot Braking System
  • ColorBlack
  • Installation TypeVelcro Strap
  • Provides A Larger Surface Area On The Seat For The Brake System To Push Against, You Get Better, More Responsive Braking
  • Continually Get A “Reposition Brake Error” This Will Help Solve That Problem
  • To Install: Put A Piece Of Velcro On The Brake’s Push Pads And On The Outside Of The Seat Stiffener
  • The seat stiffener works with any drop in tow brake on the market. 
  • It provides a larger surface area on the seat for the brake system to push against. this means you get better, more responsive braking. 
  • If you continually get a “reposition brake error” this will help solve that problem.

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