Big Ass Fans Cool-Space 500 Variable Speed Indoor/Outdoor Evaporative Cooler, 50 in. Fan, 64 gal. Water Reservoir • F-EV1-5001K2

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The Big Ass Fans F-EV1-5001 Cool-Space 500 Variable Speed Indoor/Outdoor Evaporative Cooler delivers instant airflow that lowers the air temperature of your space by up to 33 degrees, creating comfortable conditions that keep your people and animals safe. Pair your Cool-Space coolers with Big Ass overhead fans to deliver the benefits of powerful spot-cooling and elevated air speed to every corner of your facility. When used in tandem with an overhead fan, the evaporative air cooler provides maximum cooling and coverage areas, silently delivering comfort and energy savings to your facility without costly A/C use. This evaporative cooler features virtually silent direct-drive motors and variable-speed controls that allow you to deliver precise cooling throughout your barn, warehouse, workshop, or garage for a fraction of the cost of traditional A/C.

  • Provides coverage for areas up to 6,500 sq. ft.
  • Portable design includes locking swivel casters
  • Evaporative air cooler features a 50-inch fan
  • 8-inch cooling media is chemically treated and coated in a thermosetting resin to resist the growth of algae and mold, hold up to frequent cleanings, and prevent dirt and buildup
  • Virtually silent direct-drive motor
  • 64-gallon water reservoir accepts standard garden hose and supports up to 10-hours of standalone operation
  • Variable-speed control allows you to deliver precise cooling
  • Evaporative cooler features automatic low-water shutoff
  • 10-ft power cord and cord wrap onboard for easy storage
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

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