Zamp Solar 60 Amp 5-Stage PWM Battery Charge Controller • ZS-60A

Product Details
  • Compatibility: Lithium/ Gel-Cell/ AGM/ Conventional Lead Acid WET And Calcium Batteries

  • Type: Digital Solar Controller

  • Ampere Rating: 60 Amp

  • Wattage: 1020 Watt

  • Display Type: Digital

  • With LED Indicator: Yes

  • Protect Your Batteries, Power Source From Damage

  • Has PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) And 5 Stages Of Charging For Best Battery Health And Longevity

  • Added An LCD Screen That Directly Displays Battery Voltage, Charging Current, Charging Capacity (Ampere Hour), Battery Types And Faulty Codes

  • 6 Colored LED Indicator Lights That Indicate The Current Charging Status As Well As The Current Battery Condition

  • Temperature Sensor For Battery: The Unit Will Optimize The Charging Performance Based Off The Battery Temperature Detected And Provide Over-Temperature Protection

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