Winegard G2 & X1 Roof Mount Kit • RK-2000

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The Winegard G2 & X1 Roof Mount Kit converts your portable Carryout G2 and Pathway X1 into a roof mount antenna without having to pay the price of a roof mount antenna. The RK-2000 is easy to install. Simply remove the portable feet and antenna dome, line up roof feet and fasten into place, replace antenna dome, and mount on roof.


  • Mounting feet (3)
  • Cable Entry Plate
  • Wall Plate
  • Power Switch
  • Cable Clamps (2)
  • Hex Nuts (6)
  • Mounting Screws (20)
  • Terminal Insulators (2)
  • Cable Ties (2)
  • Barrel Crimp Splice
  • Wall Plate Screws (4)

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