Wagan 15-Amp 6-Stage Intelligent Battery Charger • 7407

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Wagan 15 Amp Intelligent Battery Charger is lithium capable, light weight and compact. Its digital display is powered by selectable mode intelligent microprocessor with 6 stage fully automatic charging and battery reconditioning. The intelligent battery charge can a 12V AGM, GEL, Flooded and Lithium vehicle starter batteries (LiFePo4). The battery charger has short circuit, reveres polarity, over charger and over heat protection built-in.
  • For battery types Lithium iron-phosphate (LiFePo4), LPF, SLA, AGM, Maintenance-free, Flooded, Wet Cell, VRLA, Gel, Lead-Acid, Vented, and Deep Cycle
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Input Voltage: 110-140V AC
  • Output Voltage: 12V (nominal)
  • 12V Output Current: 15A (High), 8A or 2A (Low)
  • LiFePo4 Output Current: 2A
  • AC Cord Length: 6ft.
  • DC Cord Length: 6ft.
  • Protections: Short Circuit, Reverse Polarity, Over Charge, Over Heat
  • 6-Stage Charger: Soft Start, Bulk Charge, Absorption Charge, Evaluation (Diagnostic), Reconditioning, and Maintenance Charge
  • Winter Charging Mode
  • Battery Reconditioning Mode
  • Certifications: CE, BC
  • Operating Temperature: 32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C)
  • Storage Temperature: -4°F - 158°F (-20°C -70°C)
  • Unit Size: 9.0 x 7.0 x 5.0 (inches)
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