Ultra Fab MegaHitch Coupler Vault Combo Kit for 2” & 2-5/16” Couplers • 35-946510

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The Ultra-Fab MegaHitch provides heavy-duty protection for parked towables. The adjustable, high-density acetate ball system fits into the coupler the same way as your hitch ball. The patented design and solid steel construction make it all but impossible for thieves to cut, pry, or disable the lock. This combo kit includes one vault, one hood, two keys, two bolts, two security collars, one washer, one hex nut, and two threaded hitch balls to replace your tow ball during storage. The threaded hitch ball should never be used during towing! It comes with two keys so you can keep one key in a safe place in case the other key is lost or damaged. This coupler vault is designed to be universal and fit most trailer couplers. The preassembled configuration is not necessarily the one you will use. A shorter bolt and companion security collar are included to allow for multiple configurations. The security collar is designed to fit loosely over the threaded bolt to prevent any cutting device from gaining a rip. 

  • Ultra-Fab MegaHitch Coupler Vault Combo Kit
  • Heavy-Duty Protection for Parked Towables
  • Includes Fittings for 2” & 2-5/16” Couplers
  • Weather Resistant Powder Coating
  • Solid Steel Construction

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