Swagman Nomad Platform Hitch Mount Bike Rack (2 Bikes Fits 2" Receivers) • 66670

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Universal Nomad Platform Hitch Mount Bike Rack by Swagman. Hold up: 2 Bikes. Hitch Size: Fits 2" Receivers. Bike Attachment Type: Wheel. Bike Mounting Type: Platform. Trunk Access: Tiltable. Max Load: 35 lbs. per bike. The Nomad rack takes things up a notch over the Traveler XC2 - 7” to be exact. That’s the additional ground clearance you’ll get with this rack, giving you extra clearance for getting your trailer or RV up driveways, curbs, and anywhere else approach angles are a concern. 3D wheel trays with additional rubber straps keep bikes securely in place, secured by telescoping hooks that secure most bike frames. When it’s time to put the Nomad into storage, the clamshell design allows the wheel tray arms to fold up, making it narrow enough to fit into even the tightest storage space. 

  • 7" increased ground clearance over Traveler XC2
  • 3D wheel hoops with wheel straps for bike retention
  • Telescoping hooks secure most bike frames
  • Adjustable wheel trays fit most bikes
  • Wheel tray arms fold up (clamshell) for storage 
  • Holds 1 or 2 bikes
  • Fits Class 3 - 2" Receiver
  • Max Load: 35 lbs. per bike
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