Samlex Evolution Inverter Remote Control • EVO-RC

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The Samlex America Evolution Inverter Remote Control is perfect for Inverter/Chargers EVO-2212/3012/2224/4024to view real-time activity, program parameters, and analyzing trends for more efficient use. Save a parameter set on a removable 16GB SD card, insert into a computer, and make adjustments that easily. With 33 feet of cable, you should have no problem hooking up this remote where you desire. The inverter/charger with remote combination is great for marine, RVs, trucks, specialty vehicles, alternative energy, off-grid, cabins, remote locations, areas with unreliable utility power, and back-up and emergency power applications.
  • 32 Character LCD screen
    • Output voltage
    • Frequency
    • Amps
    • Watts
    • Volt amps
    • Power factor
    • Battery voltage
    • Battery current
    • Solar input current
  • 5.6" x 4.5" 1.4"
  • Limited 2 year warranty
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