Roadmaster Universal Wireless Brake Monitor & Switch • 759530B

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  • Roadmaster Universal Wireless Brake Monitor & Switch
  • For Use with Supplemental Braking Systems that move the Towed Vehicle's Brake Pedal
  • This kit combines Roadmaster’s wireless monitor with their brake light switch to create a truly universal monitoring system that will work in any vehicle with a supplemental braking system that moves the brake pedal. 
  • One of the greatest concerns every motorhome owner has while towing is that the dinghy vehicle’s brakes either aren’t being applied, or are applied continuously, causing drag and excessive brake/tire wear. 
  • Some braking systems do not supply a monitor; others do, but only tell you if their own system is functioning…not if the towed vehicle’s brakes are being applied. Roadmaster’s monitor tells you when the vehicle’s brakes are applied, if there is a break away, if there is extended braking, and if your towed vehicle’s battery is draining. 
  • The Universal Wireless Brake Monitor and Switch incorporates a brake signal transmitter, receiver, and an infrared brake light switch. The transmitter is installed in the dinghy, while the receiver is installed in the motorhome. Meanwhile, the infrared brake switch attaches to the brake pedal arm and is powered by a single, dedicated power source. It measures the distance between the floorboard and brake pedal with a beam of light and, when the brake pedal moves, the transmitter sends a signal to the receiver in the motorhome.
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