Roadmaster BrakeMaster with BrakeAway for Motorhomes with Hydraulic Brakes • 9060

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BrakeMaster is Roadmaster’s ‘direct’ proportional braking system. It connects directly to the motorhome’s hydraulic braking system for rock-solid, reliable braking. Brake line pressure in the motorhome controls the brakes in the towed vehicle. Because it connects directly to what powers your motorhome’s brakes, BrakeMaster is a truly proportional, truly synchronized braking system. However you brake your motorhome, BrakeMaster automatically applies the same pressure, every time. It connects and disconnects from the towed vehicle in under a minute, without any tools, adjustments, or settings. Attach the brake pedal clamp, secure to the floor or seat adapter (sold separately), quick-connect the air hose, and you’re ready to tow. It weighs just 3-3/4 pounds and measures 17 inches in length, stores almost anywhere. The BrakeAway towed vehicle emergency braking system works in conjunction with the BrakeMaster to bring your towed vehicle to a controlled stop should it ever separate from your motorhome.
  • Roadmaster BrakeMaster with BrakeAway
  • Proportionate Towed Car Braking System
  • For Motorhomes with Hydraulic Brakes
  • Works in Virtually Any Towed Vehicle with Power Brakes
  • Includes Break Away Emergency Braking System
  • Meets U.S. & Canadian Braking Requirements
  • Pressure Reducer for Active Braking Systems Sold Separately - Roadmaster # 900002
  • Metric-to-Standard Brake Line Tees Sold Separately - Roadmaster # 7923 or 7921
  • Seat Adapter Sold Separately (Required for Some Applications)
  • Second Vehicle Kit Sold Separately - Roadmaster # 98100 or 98160
  • Second Motorhome Kit Sold Separately
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