Roadmaster Brake Pressure Reducer for Vehicles with Active Braking Systems • 900002

Product Details
  • Roadmaster Brake Pressure Reducer
  • For Vehicles with Full-Time 'Active' Power Braking Systems
  • Works with Roadmaster BrakeMaster Proportionate Towed Car Braking Systems
  • Works with Other Supplemental Braking Systems Which Use Pressurized Air to Brake the Towed Vehicle
  • By working in conjunction with these braking systems, the Brake Pressure Reducer delivers a correspondingly reduced braking pressure that eliminates over-braking issues.
  • In addition to BrakeMaster, the Brake Pressure Reducer will work with other supplemental braking systems which use pressurized air to brake the towed vehicle. 
  • It connects to the air line in just a few minutes, adjust the variable control to set and lock in the precise braking pressure. Vehicles with active braking systems are designed so that even when the engine is off, the braking system is still active, thus requiring minimal pressure to engage the brakes.

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