Progressive Dynamics Inteli-Power 2100 Series 130 AC to 13.9 DC 80A Power Converter • PD2180V

Product Details

  • The PD2180V from Boat & RV Accessories is an 80-amp electronic marine converter/charger capable of charging up to three separate banks of batteries at the same time. This product may be used for connection with batteries in series or in parallel.

  • This product incorporates a microprocessor that constantly monitors battery voltage. It automatically selects one of four operating modes to ensure safe, rapid recharging cycles. The Storage Mode and the Equalize Mode of operation ensure minimum battery gassing and water loss while preventing battery stratification and sulfation.

  • This is a tough and reliable product that will go the distance under the most challenging conditions. All Inteli-Power chargers are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the marine environment.

  • This unit also puts the emphasis on safety. These chargers are UL listed. Just a few of the product's safety features include patented reverse-battery protection, over-voltage protection and automatic over-temperature shutdown. A digital meter displays current, voltage, operation mode and battery type. There is also a blown fuse indicator.

  • Four-stage charging system
  • Three diode isolated outputs
  • Patented reverse battery protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Electronic current limiting
  • Variable-speed intelligent cooling fan
  • Programmable in the field
  • Regulated output voltage
  • Automatic over-temperature shutdown
  • Series or parallel connection
  • Warranty: One year

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