King Falcon Directional Wi-Fi Antenna Bundle • KF1000

Product Details
  • 10x More Powerful Antenna Than The Competition
  • High-Gain, Long-Range, Directional Wi-Fi Antenna
  • Fastest Speeds For Streaming The KING Falcon ™extends 2.4 Giga Hertz Networks, For The Best Range, While Still Allowing The KING WiFiMax ™to Use Its 5 Giga Hertz Network
  • Only 9 Inch Tall: Impact Resistant
  • Single Coax Connection Between The KING Falcon And The KING WiFiMax
  • Free KING ®Wi-Fi App: No Router Installation Necessary With Intuitive, One-Minute Setup Process– Simply Plug In And Setup Via A Phone, Laptop, Or Any Other Wi-Fi-Enabled Device
  • Customizable Wi-Fi Name And Password For A Secure Connection
  • KING WiFiMax Has Three Antennas With Beamforming Technologies, The Fourth Is The KING Falcon
  • Connect All Your Devices: Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Smart TVs, Appliances, Wi-Fi-Enabled Speakers, And More: Easy To Use – Automatically Scans And Aims
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty
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