Heng's Alkyd Fibered Roof Coating - 1 Gallon Aluminum • 43128-4

Product Details
The Heng's Alkyd Fibered Roof Coating is a protective, high quality weatherproof coating for metal and aluminum roofing. Not for use with rubber or asphalt roofs.
  • Chemically engineered coating that contains long fibers, pigments, and non-drying resins.
  • Thick aluminum fibered coating conforms to your roofing needs and is completely weatherproof.
  • Great acoustical and insulating qualities.
  • Remains flexible, expands and contracts with your roof seams.
  • Covers about 200 square feet per gallon.
  • Color: Aluminum Fibered
  • Also available in white. See Heng's 43032.
  • Sold as a 1 gallon pail.
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