Dometic 12 Volt Hydroflame Furnace Blower Motor • 37359

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The furnace motor is attached to the blower wheel and the combustion air wheel. This is a 12V DC power motor, with two shafts. Once the control board sends power to the motor, it will start operating which will rotate the shaft attached to both wheels. The movement of both wheels will circulate the air causing air flow. the motor size and revolutions per minute will corresponds with the furnace BTU/hr size, making it very important to get the correct size motor for your furnace.

  • Compatible with the following Dometic (Hydroflame) furnaces:  8516-IV, 8520-IV, 8516-III, and 8520-III.

  • 12 Volt DC Power Motor

  • Motor Diameter: 3"

  • Motor Length: 2 7.8"

  • Shaft #1 Length: 2 3/8"

  • Shaft #2 Length: 1"

  • Full Load Amps: 4.6


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