Demco Delta Force Braking System • 9599004

Product Details
  • The Demco Delta Force Braking System redefines portable braking. 

  • The outer case is made from laser-cut, powder-coated aluminum with adjustable feet allowing up to a 2” irregularity in the floorboard on any corner. 

  • The ball-and-socket actuator is rotated 90°, folding neatly to the side for storage. This allows freedom of movement when securing the pedal clamp. 

  • The user can maintain a comfortable position above the system during setup because the actuator is open from the top. 

  • The actuator is self-adjusting and non-binding during activation. It has a simplified tether system that installs with just one self-drilling screw. Setup is as simple as clipping the stainless-steel carabiner to the actuator. This keeps the entire burden of force on the actuator. 

  • This design is more efficient, reduces wear on other components, and tucks neatly under the floor mat when not in use. 

  • The Set-It-Once Pedal Clamp is made of powder-coated, heavy duty, laser cut steel. Loosen the knob and set it once for the towed’s pedal. 

  • The clamp engages and releases automatically by pushing down or lifting up on the actuator. 

  • The wireless CoachLink monitors the connectivity to the towed vehicle, voltage levels, braking effort, and offers visual/audible alerts for fault codes and the breakaway circuit. 

  • The intuitive user interface provides simplicity of operation. Press the “Initialize” button to begin tests for integrity of the air-reserve tank, transmitter radio (which also displays low voltage), cylinder air circuit, compressor efficiency, and pedal connection. It turns green as each component passes. Then, select the desired profile. 

  • The “Boost” button adds 15% if extra braking effort is desired. 

  • The split digital/analog activation circuit offers the benefits of a digital circuit with the reliability of a traditional analog circuit. 

  • You have the flexibility to run in either fully proportional inertia-only mode or dual-signal mode incorporating the brake light signal from the coach.

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