Cofair Products Quick Roof EPDM Rubber Tan Roll Tape 6"W x 16'L • RQR616

Product Details

The CoFair Products Quick Roof Rubber Roof Repair Patch - will stop leaks in all EPDM rubber roofs, especially on your RV, trailer and camper. It makes a permanent bond using a strong rubber based adhesive and will last for many years.

  • Used To: Waterproof And Repair Tears And Punctures

  • Roof Type: Rubber

  • Type: Self Adhering

  • Length: 16 Feet

  • Width: 6 Inch

  • Color: Black

  • Material: Butyl

  • Self-Stick Surface

  • Instantly Waterproofs Tears And Punctures

  • Easy And Permanent Application

  • Fully Cured EPDM Rubber Surface

  • Super Strong Rubber Based Adhesive

  • Lasts For Years

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