Camco Fresh Water Bypass Valve • Water Heater Winterizing Bypass KIt • 35953

Product Details

  • Used To: Reduces The Amount Of Antifreeze Needed To Winterize By Bypassing Water Heater

  • Type: Three Way

  • Inlet Attachment: Male Threads

  • Outlet Attachment: Male Threads

  • Installation Type: Permanent

  • Material: Brass

  • Offers A Complete Line Of By-Pass Kits For A Lifetime Of Durable Performance

  • Save Gallons Of Antifreeze By Not Filling Your Water Heater With Antifreeze When You Winterize

  • By-Pass Kits Save Antifreeze By Allowing Your Water Heater To Be Bypassed When Winterizing

  • Simple, Permanent Installation Of This Kit Allows You To Easily Drain Your Water Heater For Winterizing

  • Brass Valves Provide Non-Restrictive Flow

  • Features Crimp-Resistant Nylon Reinforced Hose

  • Limited 90 Day Warranty



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