Bulldog SWQ 180 Series Direct Weld Spring Return 2-Speed Square Jack • 183902

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Universal SWQ 180 Series Direct Weld Spring Return 2-Speed Square Jack (183902) by Bulldog. Spring Return. Pin to Side. Retracted Height: 28.5". Lift Capacity: 12000 lbs. Swivel Mount Type: Sidewind. Travel Length: 12-1/2". Limited 5 Years Warranty. Traditional Gearbox. Traditional Gearbox. The First 2-Speed Gearbox Designed with a Drop Leg Jack in Mind. BULLDOG's 2-speed 12000 lb support capacity square jack makes cranking easier when fully loaded and faster when unloaded. In low gear, the ratio delivers full lifting power at a super-smooth, easy-lifting 27 turns per 1" (planetary) and 29 turns per 1" (traditional) of travel. In high gear, the cranking ratio is a speedy 9 turns per 1" of travel, the fastest in its weight class.
  • Handle Style: Traditional
  • Capacity: 12000 lbs.
  • Travel: 12.5"
  • Retracted: 28.5"
  • Extended: 54.6"
  • State of the art 2 speed gearbox with power and speed for the most effective and efficient jack at all loads
  • Designed for today's standard agricultural, construction and industrial trailer applications
  • User friendly design makes operation smooth and easy
  • Engineered alloys for enhaced strength, stability and sideload capability
  • Planetary gearbox fits within the width profile of the jack's outer tube, eliminating the need for spacers
  • Warranty Limited 5-Year
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