Brandmotion Universal FullVUE Rear Camera Mirror System • FVMR-1100

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Brandmotion’s latest FullVUE® Mirror is here to reset your driving experience by helping you see what you’ve never seen before. This versatile new safety and convenience aid replaces your current rearview mirror with a live streaming full HD video screen. It improves on your traditional mirror by providing a clear, crisp view of exactly what you need to see with no obstructions of passengers, cargo or small rear windows. It comes with unbeatable features and a commitment to driver peace of mind.

  • Integrates Seamlessly Into Your Vehicle

  • Utilizes Universal D-Tab Wedge Mount

  • 9.66″ Mirror Size

  • 2 Channel DVR System

  • Full Touchscreen For Easy Adjustments

  • Advanced Anti-Glare Tempered Glass Screen

  • Retains Standard Mirror Functionality With One Touch

  • Super HD 1980 x 320 Resolution Display

  • Bright 800 Lux Display

  • Automatic Brightness Adjustment

  • 2 Channel DVR Functionality

  • Full Video Playback Capable Mirror

  • 12 or 24 Hour Park Monitoring Available

  • Optional 50 or 60 FPS Refresh Rate

  • Built-In G-Shock Sensor For Automatic Event Recording

  • Built-In DVR Recording Camera

  • Included 32 GB SD Card

  • Ultra High Performance Sony CCD HD Camera

  • 30 Foot Harness Length

  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution 1080p 30 FPS Rear Camera

  • 1920 x 1080 Resolution 1080p 25 FPS Front Camera

  • 6G 1.8mm Aperture Lens

  • 1 Lux For Better Illumination And A Sharper Image

  • Parking Gridlines Available

  • Format: NTSC

  • 11-24V Operating Voltage Range

  • Color Image With Automatic White Balance

  • Electric Auto Iris

  • 170º Horizontal Field of View

  • 150º Vertical Field of View Thru Electronic Scrolling Functionality

  • Waterproof Case

  • IP 67 Equivalent

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