Brandmotion Universal Fit Snap-in Adjustable Bullet Camera • 9002-7612

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See what you’ve been missing (or hitting) with this unobtrusive bullet-style camera. This camera is perfect for mounting on flat surfaces where traditional license plate or lip mount cameras would not work. A small hole is all you need to mount this camera onto the vehicle. A fully adjustable camera head allows the driver to swivel the camera into a position that provides the optimum view for their particular vehicle. This camera features parking gridlines and as an added bonus, these park lines can be turned off during installation. The camera also features image reversing for forward mounting applications that can be turned on during installation as well.

  • Snap-in Mount Securely Holds Camera In Place

  • Small, Low-profile Design Allows For Seamless Integration

  • High Quality CMOS Camera

  • 22 Foot Harness Length

  • 648 x 488 Resolution 420p

  • 0.5 Lux For Better Illumination And A Sharper Image

  • Parking Gridlines Available & Image Mirroring Available

  • Format: NTSC

  • 9-16V Operating Voltage Range

  • Color Image With Automatic White Balance

  • Electric Auto Iris

  • 150º Horizontal Field of View

  • 100º Vertical Field of View

  • Waterproof Case

  • IP Rating: IP 68

  • This is not a complete solution, you will need an aftermarket display or factory display. You may need an interface to get a camera to work with the factory display.

  • This camera works universally with virtually any vehicle. Space requirements for this camera are 1.5″ wide by 1.5″ deep. 

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