ASA Electronics 7" Heavy Duty LCD Quadview Monitor • VOM719WP

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• Supports 4 cameras with 6 triggers including Single image, Split-screen, and QuadView display modes• 7-inch digital wide format color TFT LCD display• DC auto source for switching triggers (turn signal compatible)• Manual day/night display brightness controls• Backlit control buttons• Heady duty waterproof construction• Rated and tested to withstand 4G continuous vibration• AMPS mounting provisions• Built-in speaker• Removable sun visor included• 12 volt DC power• NTSC and PAL video signal compatible• 800 W x 450 H screen resolution• 60° top, 70° bottom, 75° left, 75° right viewing angles• 500 nit brightness• 500:1 contrast ratio• 16:9 aspect ratio
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