AP Products Dual LP Gas Tank Check Sensor • 024-1002

Product Details

  • Magnetic sensors mount to the bottom of the LP tank
  • Updates every 5 seconds
  • Use with 20, 30 & 40 lb propane tanks
  • Can work on larger tanks, but it will not start reading accurately till the level drops
  • The sensor communicates via Bluetooth to a smartphone or tablet
  • Free App can monitor up to 15 different tanks on RV, BBQ, patio grill, pool heater, etc.
  • The app shows tank level using percentages.
  • Uses a disc battery #CR2032.
  • The newer generation is thinner than past generations
  • Integrates with RV Whisper to get remote monitoring over WiFi, text and email alerts, and propane level logging.
  • Includes (2) magnetic sensor and (6) propane tank feet

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